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What are you waiting for?

Right. Here it is. Cards on the table.

Life is short. Your corporate life is even shorter.

You have a finite number of days to make an impact. To be useful. To give an opinion. To get shit done. To deliver projects.

So what do you want to do? Drift away or be someone? To have people remember you when your gone or never be missed? To live life and get stuck in or float along in mediocrity? To be part of the change or be subject to change forced upon you?

You are in control.

It might not feel like that all the time. You may have days when you get blocked, stuck, impeded. But it gives me great pleasure to remind you who the boss is. Who has the power to get back on track. Who is the almighty ruler of your destiny.


Shock horror. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. No-one controls you unless you let them. No-one else leads your life. No-one else is you. Be proud of who you are.

If you want to be better at your job – be better.

If you want a promotion – justify it.

If you want to be a positive example to others – just fucking do it.

Take control. Own it.

Will it be easy? Maybe. Maybe be not. Probably not. Does it need you to step outside your comfort zone? Yes. Will it light up your life and put you back in control? Yep. Will it make you smile, and provide personal satisfaction that you did it? Hell yes.

I believe in you.

All it takes is for you to believe in you too.

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