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Clarify your message and dramatically increase your reach with bespoke visuals of your content

Social media content
Book Summaries
Panel discussions
Keynote talks
Manuel Pais headshot

Manuel Pais, Author:

Team Topologies

I'm always humbled by folks taking the time to write about Team Topologies or creating amazing visuals like Noel Warnell's

James Church headshot

James Church, Author:

Investable Entrepreneur

Check out this fantastic illustrated summary of my book Investable Entrepreneur!! Thanks Noel Warnell 👏👏

Pim headshot

Pim de Moree, Author:

Corporate Rebels

Love this graphic made by Noel Warnell after reading our book. Great summary, thanks!

James Chiffi

James Chiffi, Founder:
Beyond the White Line

Noel is an incredible creative, often seen doodling away during live events, bringing the content to life.

💫 Noel recently went one step further helping us unpick the intricacies of our internal structure, then visually bringing that to life with graphic representations.

Live Sketchnoting

This is where I come along to your event (either in person or online) and create visual, hand drawn notes in real time.

I'll be listening very deeply in order to capture and connect key ideas with colour, words and simple imagery.

Investable Entrepreneur.png

Bespoke Drawings

Hand drawn, unique digital visuals provided in multiple formats.


Whether it's book illustrations, marketing material, online content or social media, this unique product helps you (and your customers or staff) to reimagine and connect with your content.

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