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60 minute interactive workshop - Increase your throughput of books to 50+ per year!

Breaking tsundoku in person workshop
Breaking Tsundoku online session

If you want to help your employees or community learn some ninja reading skills then this is the session for you!

Do you have a pile of unread books, but keep buying more? Same. It’s called Tsundoku and many of us are masters of it! But...what if you could pick up an unread book and within an hour consider it ‘Done’?


This workshop is designed to do exactly that. I will challenge how you read and provide practical tips that will change your relationship with books. Forever. Come along, find out how to break tsundoku, and never feel guilty about buying another book again. 


The take-aways for participants will be many, however specifically they will leave with:

  • Knowledge of the 4 levels of reading

  • Experience of the first 3 levels

  • New insights into how to approach ‘reading’ a book

  • Practicable skills that will continue to improve the speed in which they can digest books

  • A previously unread book, that can be put back on the shelf in a ‘done’ state

If you would like to find out more about this popular workshop then either fill in your details below, or for a quicker response message me on LinkedIn.

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