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Deliver more value, faster.

My consulting transforms organisations into dynamic ecosystems of collaboration, learning, innovation, high performance and growth.


External support is often essential to accelerate results


Too many businesses are held back by:

  • A lack of collaboration

  • Misalignment around strategic goals 

  • Inconsistent portfolio prioritisation 

  • Outdated project funding models

  • Work not being transparent and visible

  • Reduced focus on measuring tangible results and ROI

All of these things get in the way of producing consistent, predictable, high value business results.
I help leaders and teams to see things differently, and design a future with less frustration, whilst generating powerful business growth.


Agile Transformation

Collaborating on the design, implementation and running of strategic agile transformation initiatives.

Supporting all levels of the organisation to understand how they can help deliver tangible business outcomes.


From Project to Product

Adopting an operating model that allows you to solve hard problems for your customers & your business, through a combination of insights-based product strategy, lean portfolio management and a relentless focus on value.

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Creating High Performing Teams

Whether forming, storming, norming or performing, I coach teams to inspect and adapt, visualise their work and run experiments designed to reduce their cycle time and increase predictability of delivery.


Embedding Learning & Growth

Establishing communities of practice. Building a connected learning syllabus. Industry standard certified training. Tailored mentoring. These are the keys that unlock your people's potential & accelerate employee engagement.

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Start improving your business results today

Book a free discovery call

Let’s have an informal chat to understand the opportunity to work together, ask questions and get clarification on how my consultancy may be able to help you.

Agree outcomes

We align on a clear set of goals to focus on and the logistics of how we want to work together. This step would also involve any supplier onboarding and contracting process.

Consulting begins

I'll start to understand and visualise where you are in relation to the goals. Together we'll create a backlog, prioritise the work and start running experiments.

Up to you

I will aim to provide tangible ROI based on the goals we’ve agreed. Together we will use this data to inform and decide on what may come next.


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29% higher eNPS

£500k Saving

Cycle time 30% 

Providing measurable return on investment

Data is critical to ensuring business impact can be quantified.

I apply the same principle to my work and will co-create clear outcomes with you before starting any engagement.


These case studies from previous clients include reducing cycle time at a global drinks company, improving employee engagement in the aerospace sector, and lowering cost of delivery... 

We engaged Noel to help us mature our agile ways of working over 18 months. With ongoing coaching, training and facilitation he helped to achieve measurable improvements in customer centricity, cycle time, throughput, code quality and employee satisfaction.


Our teams now have much better visibility of the vision and priorities, are more coordinated and collaborative, able work across functional silos and support each other like never before.

Noel also provided consultation to our leadership team and helped embed standards at the portfolio kanban level, improving our ability to prioritise the right things at the right time and the way we think about delivering value to our customers.

Karmelo Virumbrales

Head of D&T Commercial Portfolio & Change Management - Diageo

Build a powerful business that gets results faster

  • A successful business consistently delivers results and continuously tries to incrementally improve.

  • A successful team speaks a common language. Have shared goals. Trust and support each other, even when they disagree. 

  • A successful business is dynamic, exciting and highly productive.

My passion is partnering with businesses to achieve this success. Wherever your business, leaders and teams are right now, you can become even better. Book a call and let’s talk about it.

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