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Aaron headshot

Aaron Vaswani,

Technology Analyst

Having regular sessions with Noel was pivotal in my Agile journey and development. His application of Academia and Psychology really forces you to think in a new perspective in all that you do.


I cannot recommend Noel enough for his skills and dedication to his craft. I am extremely grateful for his impact on my career.

Nisha headshot

Nisha Joshi,
Senior Project Manager

I have worked with Noel recently to help me achieve some professional goals I set for myself. Noel has been committed to my progress, offered his experience and knowledge of working in the digital strategy and delivery space and given constructive feedback for continuous improvement.


Noel's approach to mentoring left me excited to progress in the direction of meeting my targeted goals. I would highly recommend Noel to anyone wanting a mentor who not only has a solid basis of professional experience to offer, but also works with integrity and genuinely cares about helping clients attain their professional goals.

Ruth Headshot

Ruth Hallett,
Consultant & Programme Manager

I asked Noel to be my mentor as I have admired his skills, knowledge and calm approach over a number of years.  He posts such useful resources on his website and via his social media.


I had been looking for someone to think through my agile practice with and discuss my perceived gaps.  When Noel said yes, I was excited to get started.


Noel came to every session prepared with a range of information about the topic we were covering.  He listened, challenged and every time I went away having got exactly what I needed.


I would highly recommend Noel as a mentor, due to his vast range of knowledge, his ability to listen and capture exactly what is needed.  He has a kind, calm and humble nature.

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