More Confidence

Stop ignoring and start leveraging your unique skills and experience.

More Clarity

Let go of overwhelm by developing clear goals and strategies for dealing with pressure.

More Belief

Reach beyond what other people think is possible, bring your voice to the table and achieve what you know you're capable of.

Whilst not having lived experience, I'm lucky to have been brought up by a family of strong women. Having worked in male dominated, global, corporate environments for over 20 years I've witnessed many female colleagues struggle to fulfil their potential and build the carer they aspire to.


I saw how frustrating it can be to figure out how to focus your energy in order to find professional fulfilment.


I wanted to help, and this is why I've spent the last decade providing over 500 hours of coaching for dozens of inspiring female professionals.


-Deborah Laspina,

COO, Taxi for Email

Working with Noel over a 6 month period helped me in so many ways! I was able to establish clearer boundaries with other members of the c-suite. My clarity when providing feedback to my team improved so that their confidence in knowing what’s expected of them increased dramatically. Maybe most importantly I learnt some key strategies for dealing with the day to day pressures on my role.

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Finding confidence, clarity and belief will energise you like never before.

  • Build respect amongst your peers 

  • Gain trust from your staff

  • Achieve outstanding results 

  • Unleash your leader within

Business Consultation

How it works



A free, 30 minute, informal chat for you to ask any questions you have, for me to hear what you're after, and for us to decide whether I'm the right coach for you.



Over 3 sessions we co-create a coaching agreement and step in to uncover what's important for you, what you need and explore any goals you want to achieve.


Each session provides the opportunity for deep insight and small actions to move you forward at the pace thats right for you.



If you'd like to continue the coaching relationship - great, either choose the discounted block booking or start on a pay per session basis. Whatever suits you best.

If you've got what you need from Step 2 - great, we hit the pause button. 


Becoming successful in today's corporate landscape requires leadership that balances confidence with compassion.


It's not always easy to find a role model, and asking for help from colleagues can make us worry about how we may be perceived. Not having a safe, judgement free place to share our aspirations and challenges can hold us back.


Working with a professional coach is often the key to developing your desired career and getting more of what you want.


My coaching approach is simple

  1. Help you gain clarity of your goals and motivation

  2. Collaborate with you to design strategies to achieve them

  3. Offer curiosity, space to think and accountability


It's your time to stop feeling like you're not fulfilling your potential. Take action today, and build the career you deserve.

If time is of the essence then download my free guide - How to have a coaching conversation - with yourself!

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3 x 1 Hour Sessions


Kick-Start Pack

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Stand alone
1 Hour Sessions


Stand alone sessions

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Booster Pack

Discounted Block of 5 x 30 min Sessions


(only available after Kick-Start pack)

Coaching Accreditations