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The Quarterly Agile Planning Journal is for Release Train Engineers, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Project Managers and Lean Portfolio Managers - or anyone else with a weird job title that’s responsible for organising and running quarterly agile planning cycles.

Quarterly Agile Planning Journal Book Cover

"An absolute treasure trove of support via insight, tools and process maps"

"This book is an incredible resource, packed with insightful advice, theoretical insights, and practical workbook exercises that teams will find really valuable."

"I know that I can have a look into any part of this book/journal and depending on what I am after find some quick tips to try, links to further resources and reading, and plenty of wonderful colourful illustrations to inspire my thinking."

Packed with...

Providing guidance on logistics, attendees, inputs and outcomes

Role specific guidance for before, during and after the planning event

Book summaries and useful images to support you on the journey

This twelve month planning journal will help you to:

  • Identify the key goals and objectives for the upcoming quarter

  • Break down business goals into smaller tasks and determine what actions you need to take to complete them

  • Prioritise your work based

Managing your time, workload and team has never been easier. Purchase the Quarterly Agile Planning Journal today to optimise your productivity and workflow!

No matter what point you are at in your agile journey, the quarterly planning process is (or at least should be!) an essential and integral part of your routine. We all have big work goals we want to achieve, but there's no reason we shouldn't enjoy the process of planning and executing them - continuous improvement should be the ultimate goal, and there's now a tool designed to help. 

Have you ever found yourself setting the same new years resolutions year after year, or recommitting to the same goal, convinced this time will be different and you'll actually get it done this time. If this sounds like you, know you're not the only one - I had the same challenge before I discovered quarterly agile planning. 

When planning for an upcoming quarter you need your resources and priorities in order. Set goals that are achievable and effective, organise your tasks and boost productivity with the Quarterly Agile Planning Journal

What does it mean to be 'agile' in business?

An agile team or agile organisation has the ability to adapt quickly and effectively, both internally and externally, to market changes. Key traits of an agile business include developing solutions and delivering change in a cost effective way, while not compromising quality. Agile teams should be flexible and fast in responding to customer needs consistently and continuously. 


What is the quarterly goal setting system?

The quarterly goal setting system is the planning process and action of goal setting for one quarter of the year. Annual goals can be overwhelming, and difficult to know where to start as the time period is so significant. This can actually encourage the dreaded procrastination we all want to avoid, as tasks seem immense and undoable. 

Breaking down the year, and your goals, into achievable quarter based tasks has been proven to help you better prepare yourself to plan and execute with a positive mindset, rather than trepidation. 


The key benefits of goal setting and quarterly planning:

  • Manage your energy

  • Measurability

  • Actionability

  • Creates a sense of focus and urgency

  • Provides opportunity to step back, assess, adjust and pivot

  • Offers a clearer view of incremental progress 

  • The chance to celebrate the little wins :)

How to set quarterly goals

The prospect of setting quarterly business goals may seem intimidating, but actually its not as difficult as you might expect. There's some simple steps you can follow to make this process easier:

  • Review your company strategy and understand the big picture

  • Brainstorm realistic tasks/ actions/ projects you could complete towards achieving the strategy

  • Sequence tasks in a logical order - creating a roadmap for the next quarter

  • Lastly, hold an agile quarterly planning meeting (or 'big room planning', as some people know it by), to ensure that everyone is aware of and onboard with what you're aiming to achieve together.


Typical examples of quarterly goals:

Keep in mind that goals will be unique for your business, your goals and workplace culture, so don't worry if any examples you find online don't match up to what you were thinking of. Saying that, here are some common examples:

  • Expanding into new markets

  • Increased sales

  • New product launches

  • Optimising productivity and operational efficiency


The benefits of holding an quarterly agile planning meeting

  • A shared understanding of goals, and what needs to be completed each quarter to achieve them

  • Product and architectural visions and priorities are shared and become known

  • Multiple teams will be able to work together in a common direction

  • Enables everyone to have a voice in the plan and commitments, improving inclusion and encouraging collaboration

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