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Facilitation lab in action

Facilitator Lab

Co-created with Tobias Mayer.

Designed so facilitators and participants can become more confident and skilled in their ability to facilitate groups, while building up their toolbox of new ideas from others with which to experiment further.

The lab runs monthly as an online event, and twice yearly as an in person full day workshop.

Breaking Tsundoku cohort 1

Breaking Tsundoku

Got a pile of unread books, but keep buying more? Same. There’s actually a Japanese word for this - Tsundoku - which literally means, buying and piling up unread reading material.


Now, imagine you could pick up an book and within an hour consider it ‘Done’... Or that you could read over 100, or even 200 books a year..


Both of these things are possible, and this online course, that runs only twice each year, is designed help you to do exactly that.

Coaching playground zoom session

Creative Coaching Playground

Co-created with Fede Boschetti Bekker.

Creativity can unlock and deepen the connection and relationship with your coaching clients.


Through a Creative, Resourceful, Invigorating, Sparky, Playful (CRISPY) approach we invite you to explore how to make connections,  find and create visuals, images, notice metaphors and play with possibilities.


The playground runs monthly as an online event. So will you come and play with us?

Delicate Agile Observations

Co-created with Francis Laleman.

Referencing the ancient wisdom of the Tao Te Ching (Dàodé Jīng) by Lao-Tzu and shared with the community in the shape of a series of podcasts with community members, and this workshop in London in November 2023

The whole project aspires to result in a book based on the conversations that emerge from the podcasts and the workshop.

Here's your invitation to contribute to the DAO project.

Regular Events

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