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Facilitation lab in action

Facilitator Lab

Co-created with Tobias Mayer.

Designed so facilitators and participants can become more confident and skilled in their ability to facilitate groups, while building up their toolbox of new ideas from others with which to experiment further.

The lab runs once every 3 months, as a hybrid in-person and online event.

Breaking Tsundoku cohort 1

Breaking Tsundoku

Got a pile of unread books, but keep buying more? Same. There’s actually a Japanese word for this - Tsundoku - which literally means, buying and piling up unread reading material.


Now, imagine you could pick up an unread book and within an hour consider it ‘Done’... Or that you could create a daily habit that would result in reading over 100, or even 200 books a year..


Both of these things are possible, and this course is designed help you to do exactly that.

Coaching playground zoom session

creative Coaching playground

What happens in the playground? We play!

This monthly online event is a safe space to experiment, exchange ideas, practice and refine your professional coaching skills.


Through a Creative, Resourceful, Invigorating, Sparky, Playful (CRISPY) approach Fede and Noel invite you to explore how to make connections, look for ways to find and create visuals, images, notice metaphors and play with possibilities. Creativity can unlock and deepen connection with your clients. So will you come and play with us?

Regular Events

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