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Are you the next top model?

Everywhere you go, and in everything you do, you act in a certain way. You carry a way of being. You share your energy.

What does that look like?

Right now if I was looking at you from across the room would I see that you’re relaxed? Would I sense some anxiety? Would I get an insight that you aren’t engaged in what you’re doing or being present in the moment?

It’s a weird thought isn’t it? A little scary even when you stop and look internally to see what (and how) you’re presenting externally. When you become more mindful of the way you’re projecting yourself.

Now let’s chuck something extra into the pot. This directly impacts everyone around you.

Right now if you’re agitated someone close to you will also become slightly more agitated. If you’re relaxed those around you will be more relaxed (unless they’re a psychopath). If you make eye contact with someone and smile, chances are they will smile too. This is human nature. It’s why going to music concerts and running marathons can be such an incredible experience. The shared energy of hundreds or thousands of people is a feeling like nothing else.

This same phenomenon is also why there’s so much dysfunction is most workplaces.

A lack of self awareness leads to the modelling of bad behaviours.

  1. If you’re in a meeting but distracted and using your phone it’s more likely for others to follow.

  2. If you’re dismissive of a colleague, other people are also likely to become dismissive towards each other – did you know rudeness is catching?

  3. If you greet colleagues in the morning with a mere nod and a grunt but no eye contact or physical contact, expect to be greeted in the same way.

Lets pause for moment.

Given that you’ve been reminded that the behaviour you model directly impacts those around you, how are you going to behave today? What are the positive qualities that you have that you want to share with your work colleagues? What would be examples of good behaviour you could model?

For example, wouldn’t it be great if there was more…

  1. Active listening. Not just lending an ear, but looking at someone whilst they’re talking and focusing just on them.

  2. Offering to help

  3. Behaving towards people in a caring way. Opening doors, getting someone a drink, holding the lift…

  4. Starting from a position of trust. Rather than from a position of ‘you have to earn my trust’

  5. Physical contact with your colleagues

All of this is possible.

It just takes someone to break the current model and start a new chain reaction. Someone not wanting to force this on others but who has an intention for positive change. Someone to be aware of their behaviour and to model the way forward.

Someone like you.

Go forth and model!

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