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Life – Version 2.0

In love, parenting, work, writing, fitness I want to be the best version of me that I can be. I’m not prepared to settle for anything less.

Of course, I’m truly grateful for what I have, and deeply appreciate each little thing that makes my relationships and life what it is today. I regularly stop to ensure I’m present and enjoying the ride along the way and taking note of the current status and understanding the depth, complexity and beauty of life version 1.0.

However, I also know that there are plenty of enhancements waiting on my backlog for prioritisation. That there are still bugs to be resolved. That there are defects that I need to accept and learn to live with.

Version 1.0 is not the final destination. It’s the foundation, the building blocks for what comes next in our lives, and well, that’s down to us.

In life an Agile, iterative approach works well. Lots of small test and learn sprint cycles to set the intention to try something out, to stick with it for a short period of time then do a retrospective and check how it’s going before prioritising what’s next.

It helps to have lots of small stories (macro goals), rather than backlog full of epics. Things like being able to hold a 5 second handstand, rather than being able to do a 50 meter handstand walk. Like establishing yourself as the authority in your current role, rather than becoming a managing director.

It also helps to have the end in mind, and then take deliberate action to get there, one step at a time. There is no quick fix. No substitute for hard work. No magic potion. It starts by taking the first step.

What does your life Version 2.0 look like?

Now go make it happen.

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