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The same is good enough…

Lots of people talk about new year, new me. Decide that this year they’re going to start X, Y or Z. Maybe even they aspire to change their life in a significant way.

This January why not take a different approach entirely and decide to just carry on as you were?

To reflect on your current position and be content with the progress you’ve made recently. To be present and grateful for what you have.

My issue with new years resolutions is not a desire to improve, I’m all for that, but sometimes the starting position is one of not being good enough. Of focusing on what you don’t have and calling out the gaps in your life.

I question whether this truly helps or whether this actually creates or contributes to a negative self image. And then guess what happens if your resolutions aren’t met? This negativity is reinforced.

Instead, this January take a moment to contemplate the skills and strengths you already have. Allow yourself to smile and be proud of where you are in your career right now. Be grateful for how far you’ve come. Celebrate you.

Happy new year.

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