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Dysfunction 3. Apathetic outlook

Me: ‘Hi – Tom told me that you were asking about the project I’m working on, so I thought I would come to your desk and introduce myself.’

Her:  ’Hi. Yes. It’s good to meet you and I am interested. I was going to send you an email about that.’

Me: ‘Well, do you have a few minutes now?’

Her: ‘Err, I’m not sure. Let me check my calendar and I’ll ping you to let you know.’

Me: ‘I don’t mind waiting while you check.’

Her: ‘OK.’ ‘I’m free for the next hour, but do you want to check your diary and let me know when a good time is for you? Then I’ll put some time in the calendar and send you a meeting invite?’

Me: ‘Well, I have time now so why don’t we have a quick conversation? What did you want to know about the project?’

Her: ‘I’ve been asked to find the existing process maps for the following functions… and wondered if you had these already?’

Me: ‘Ah. I don’t I’m afraid but I know someone who would know where to find them.’

Her: ‘Ok. Would you be able to email me their name?’

Me: ‘I can tell you their name now’

Her: ‘OK let me open an email so I can send it to them later.’

Me: ‘It would probably be quicker to give them a call’

Her: ‘OK. Can you email me their number?’

Me: ‘I can just give it to you now, I have it on my phone. In fact why don’t the three of us have a call so I can introduce you’

Her: ‘OK. Shall I put some time in the diary and email you an invite?’

Me: ‘Let’s just ring them now, it won’t take long and then it’s done?’

Her: ‘’OK.’

Him: ‘Hello’

Me: ‘Hi, I am talking with Jane and she is asking about process maps for these functions. I thought you may have them or if not know where we could find them?’

Him: ‘Sure. If you email me what you are after then I can tell you where to find them…’


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