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April & May book reading update #200booksin2024

I managed 24 books in the last 2 months. And, based on 5 months of data I've updated my forecast, and predict that I will complete between 130 - 150 books this year

Or if you prefer Monte Carlo simulations then there's an 85% chance of completing 138 books by 31st December 2024.

What did I learn in April and May?

People around you pick up the habit:

  • My daughter spent most of her birthday money on fiction books, and she's currently burning through 1-2 books a week.

Dogs like reading too:

  • Primrose (now 5 months old) is also reading a book every couple of weeks although it does make her very tired

Australian Labradoodle sleeping with a book
Australian Labradoodle sleeping with a book

April & May Book Summary data:

  •  7 x Fiction books - average cycle time reduced to 6 days

  •  11 x Non-fiction books - average cycle time increased to 5.5 days

  •  5 x Graphical / Illustrated books - average cycle time increased to 16hrs

  • 1 x Audiobook - Cycle time of 15 days

  • 24 books completed in total

  • Overall my average cycle time for April / May is 5 days

  • Throughput average is 2.75 books a week

Reading list April May 2024


The best books I read in April & May and why -

  1. Flight levels by Klaus Leopold & Siegfried Kaltenecker - a fantastic guide for anyone involved in organisational change.

  2. Workshop culture by Alison Coward - a must have addition to the book shelf of any facilitator. Super easy to read, but very impactful ideas.

What's the best book(s) you read in April / May, and why?

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