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March reading update #200booksin2024

I broke the rules.

After all the writing about Agile BS, I should know better.

In the excitement and high motivation for this new challenge I've fallen into some common traps. Looking back the irony is real, and hopefully this post serves as a reminder to hold experience and wisdom over blind optimism when starting new endeavours.

So what's actually gone wrong?

Set off at an unsustainable pace

Maintaining a throughput of 16/17 books a month was tough in Feb, and in March I managed 8 books. As work picked up, a puppy arrived and more social events appeared in the calendar, the capacity for reading reduced. I had not considered the peaks and troughs of the different pulls on my time.

Australian Labradoodle puppy 14 weeks old

Created a 12 month plan

Whilst a throughput of 16/17 books a month is required to completed this challenge, the target number of 200 books was pulled out of my arse. It's a nice, big, round number that got me excited, but I set that intention without having any real data or insight of my previous throughput. Why didn't I set a quarterly target and use what I learnt in that period to drive future iterations?

Focussed on output over outcomes

In a effort to hit numbers, the enjoyment factor reduced. I found myself rushing through some books that I wanted to savour for longer. A true case of quantity over quality.

What will I do differently?

  • Find a constant pace that can be sustained indefinitely. This is the key for Q2.

  • Allow myself to slow down and wallow in books I'm enjoying.

  • Worry less about hitting an arbitrary target.

  • Focus more on enjoying the journey and embracing not knowing.

March Summary data:

  •  2 x Fiction books - average cycle time increased to 7.5 days

  •  4 x Non-fiction books - average cycle time increased to 4.5 days

  •  1 x Graphical / Illustrated books - average cycle time 12hrs

  • 1 x Audiobook - Cycle time of 21 days

  • 1 x Abandoned

  • 8 books completed in total

  • Overall my average cycle time for March is 7 days

Reading list for March 2024


The best book I read in March and why -

Transformed by the Silicon Valley Product Group. It's totally applicable and relevant to my work. It's full of excellent advice, real world examples and some tough love!

What's the best book you read in March, and why?

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