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Imagine picking up an unread book and within an hour considering it ‘Done’... Or creating a daily habit that would result in reading over 50, or even 100 books a year..


Both of these things are possible, with this course designed to do exactly that.  To challenge how you read and provide a tonne of practical tips that will change your relationship with books. Forever. 


Sign up today, find out how to break tsundoku, and never feel guilty about buying another book again.


The structure of the course is 5 sessions of 90 minutes:

Session 1 - Unlearning old habits and refreshing your reading

Session 2 - How to interrogate a book

Session 3 - Speed reading techniques

Session 4 - Tools to enhance the reading experience

Session 5 - Retaining content by creating book summaries


As a long time sufferer of Tsundoku, I embarked on 2 years of research, experimentation and testing ideas of how to solve it. It’s reached a place where I comfortably digest 100+ books a year and am ready to share these practical and tangible tips with as many people as possible.


Reading is primarily a solitary activity so there will be periods during this workshop where participants will be invited to switch off their cameras and work on their own - I like to phrase this as pairing (with the book). There will also be small group and whole group activities. 


This course is facilitated in a gentle, patient way, so no-one feels rushed, and has a profound experience that gets the result they came for. 


Read more books, retain more information, and break tsundoku.

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