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Are you fed up with hearing Agile BS?


Things like:

"That won't work here, we're different"
"We stopped doing retrospectives"
"We cannot finish stories in a sprint, so we switched to kanban"

"We don't need to speak to our customers to know what they want"

Well, that's exactly what inspired Koen Vastmans, Michele d'Urzo' and me, when we made the Agile Bullshit card deck: a way to turn the frustration into fun, bring it to the surface, laugh with it and open the door for discussion...


This is a deck, size of bridge cards, containing 56 cards.

Each card contains a confronting statement and a matching image. We considered each statement as "bullshit". Even though this may sound harsh, the aim is exactly to trigger discussion about the statement:

  • Why is this bullshit?

  • Where does the statement come from?

  • And what to do differently?


For more information check out this blog post

Agile Bullshit Cards

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