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Where’s your happy place?

You know the feeling. Tension. Stress. Butterflies in your tummy.

The feeling of not being in control. Of wanting to regain balance but wobbling. Of hanging on, just.

The days when things aren’t going to plan. When your back is up against the wall. When you have sooo much to do and not enough time.

If only there was a way to overcome these feelings. A quick win to get back on track. An easy way to realign our energy and inner peace…

Now for the good news. There is.

You can visit your happy place.

Now, often people have a hypothetical view of a happy place being an imaginary visualisation of a warm beach where you sit in peace on your own, with the sun on your back.

This may help temporarily but you also need to get real. This isn’t the norm. This is hard to imagine because it’s a million miles from your physical location. From your current weather.

To get there takes some serious concentration. Even then it may only last for a few seconds.

Now, imagine that you can reduce the need for this. That you can make it real. That you can find a physical connection rather than an imaginary one.

You can.

Take a look at your current life. At your daily routine. At the places you find yourself visiting regularly. At the things you do and where you do them. At the places you keep going back to. At the people you seem to actively seek time with.

What places make you smile when you think of them? Have a calming influence on you? Makes you feel safe and content?

These are your real life happy places.

These are the places that you can not only think of but actually physically go to.

These are the places in life where you should actively seek to spend more time. To make sure you get to on a regular basis. To simply ‘be’.

If you recently started a new job in an unfamiliar part of town then go forth and seek new places. Take time to deliberately explore with the intention of finding a place that provides an emotional connection. Somewhere that touches you or lifts your mood in some way.

Your happy place(s) could be at a cafe, coffee shop, gym, CrossFit box, in the arms of a loved one, eating your new favourite lunch under a pretty tree. It doesn’t matter where. It matters that you recognise and become aware of these places.

It matters that you notice. Because once you notice, it becomes real. It becomes a viable escape. It gives you options.

City / office / family life can often feel rushed and stressful, and this isn’t a sustainable way of being. To improve our quality of life we need to seek a greater balance.

So, think about / find your happy place(s). Note them down. And go there as often as you can.

Where’s your happy place?

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