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What are you grateful for in 2015

Ah, the Christmas holidays are here at last. A chance to relax and unwind after the craziness of the year. A chance to switch off from work mode. A chance to reflect.

Your 2015 will be different to everyone else’s. It will have been a unique experience. There will have been some office highs, some lows and a bunch of stuff in between.

You may have been seeking personal or professional growth. You have wanted / sought some significant career change. You may have been aiming for certain targets or goals.

I love stuff like that (you probably figured that out by now), but this time of year is a great chance to slow down and look back and appreciate what you have, rather than what you don’t. To think of where you are, and smile about that, rather than frown about where you want to be (but aren’t yet). To celebrate what you achieved, rather than what you didn’t complete as planned.

Here’s my list of what I’m grateful for:

  1. Having a job

  2. Being able to provide for my family

  3. Having a family to provide for

  4. Being involved in some interesting projects at work

  5. Being nominated for an award (we didn’t win – but it was a fun afternoon out of the office)

Sharing jokes with team members

  1. Being challenged by difficult colleagues (and learning that I can remain professional in a range of situations)

  2. Working out during my lunch breaks at CrossFit Thames

5pm fussball club

Having a wide selection of options for lunch

Being able to work from home once a week

Learning new skills

Free coffee

  1. The support of a good manager

  2. Team breakfasts / lunches

  3. Movember (well, shaving off the lip slug at the end)

Making mistakes (as it reminds us that we are human and still have lots to learn)

Witnessing plenty of nonsense that I can blog about


What are you grateful for in 2015?

You should write a list. It takes 10 minutes. It’s free. And it feels gooooood!

Have a great Christmas!

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