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Start listening to the voices in your heart

I bet you’ve heard stories about people hearing voices in their head, maybe even experienced it yourself.

Whilst this is a common human experience, the general rule seems to be to seek help and advice, as it may be a sign or symptom of a mental health problem (if you’re worried about this you can get more info here.)

However, there are other voices within that you might be aware of and it’s vital to note the difference.

These come not from the mind, but from deeper down within. Bubbling inside of you. Arising from your soul.

Sometimes they stir feelings. Strong, passionate urges. They may elicit excitement, maybe even a little fear. These are the voices you need to open up to. These are the urges you shouldn’t suppress but embrace.

I’m not talking about sex. I’m talking about what gets you going in a different way. What ideas or fantasies you have about how your life could be. About how your career can take off. About how you can achieve your dreams.

These are the voices that you need to open up too. These are the voices that you need to encourage. the voices that can change your life. over dramatic? I don’t think so.

Life is short. Your career is shorter, so why coast along and wait for stuff to happen around you? why not invite the voices in your heart to stop whispering and start shouting. Why not embrace what excites you? Why not do something that scares you? Why not follow your heart?

Don’t bother with new years resolutions. Just dig deep to find what’s in your heart, put both arms around that, and don’t let go till you make it real. There’s never been a better time.

If you need help either exploring what’s in your heart, or how to make it real let me know. I can help and I’ll do whatever I can to help you achieve your dreams.


If you want to watch the youtube version of this post – click here

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