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Seek wellth not wealth

In recent study of young Londoners, when asked what would most help them live happy fulfilled lives, 77% said that being physically and mentally healthy was numero uno.

People want to be healthy. People want to be calm. People want to be happy. People want to FEEL awesome.

Amen to that.

Now here’s the problem. Step into an office environment and 9 times out of 10 this vibe goes out the window.

You’re asked to do more work in less time. The person who sits next to you sits with their headphones on all day and doesn’t speak to you. You sit hunched at a desk for several hours a day (and probably eat your lunch there too).

This is not going to contribute to making you healthy. This will not promote inner calm. This won’t make you happy or move you up to the next level of awesome.

Most office environments don’t do enough to promote wellbeing at work.

Some offices have the occasional work life balance initiative. Some run the odd event. Some might even have a dedicated intranet page. Whoopie.

The fact is it’s uncommon. It’s not the norm. Times are changing. But slowly. Too slowly for me and you to wait around for it to get it’s act together.

Wellbeing in underrated.

It’s not just about taking time to go the gym and getting at least 7.5 hours sleep a night (although they will both increase awesomeness by + 50 points each).

If you want to be healthier, calmer, happier and increase your overall awesomeness, here’s some piece of cake (not literally) ideas that you can try out to enhance your own wellbeing (and maybe that of your colleagues):

  1. Find some inspiring web sites to browse on your commute, to help set a positive intention for the day. I’m currently loving

  2. DO NOT eat lunch at the desk. Go somewhere. Anywhere. Just not your desk, you spend enough time there as it is.

  3. Get outdoors. On your walk to / from the office and the tube. On your lunch break. Whenever you can. Take in some fresh air, and get your step count up. Here’s 7 reasons why.

  4. Listen to some guided Meditation. Put on your headphones, load this up in YouTube and shut your eyes. Just for a few minutes. Come out the other side refreshed and relaxed.

  5. Stretch often. You should adjust your sitting / standing position every 10 minutes, and for every 55 minutes in one place, spend 5 somewhere else. Have a small set of go to stretches that you can utilise throughout the day. Here’s 6 easy ones (pink top is optional)

  1. Get off your arse. Sitting is the new smoking after all. When the phone rings stand up to answer it. When someone comes to talk to you at the desk, stand up. Let your colleagues take the seats in the meeting room and stand at the back.

  2. Eat the rainbow. Never before have we been so ridiculously spoilt for choice and easy access to good healthy food. Explore your local options and eat colourful, wholesome, nourishing food that makes your mouth water.

  3. Colour in. On your commute, at your desk (but prob best not during meetings) join in with the new (old) trend for adult colouring. According to clinical psychologist Ben Michaelis, coloring is a stress-free activity that relaxes the amygdala — the fear center of the brain — and allows your mind to get the rest it needs. But coloring has other indirect health benefits as well. Why not hold a colouring competition in your office?

  4. Make a delicious smoothie. Pack in a bunch of vitamins and nutrients into a powerful and refreshing drink to start your day with a zing. Make enough for more than one cup and offer some to your colleagues too.

These aren’t hair brained crazy ideas. These are simples. The idea being that by doing something so easy that it seems too easy you are much more likely to start it and stick to it. One simple idea you actually do, is oodles better than a complex one you never start.

In order to have the physical and mental health we crave, we need to take action. We need to step away from the corporate dysfunction that surrounds us, look at the bigger picture and do something positive for ourselves. Something that promotes and enhances our wellbeing. Encourage a colleague to join you and both of you will become more awesome +100.

At work and life, too often the focus is on generating personal wealth. Surely it’s more important to generate personal wellth?…

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