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Perfect don’t exist

Want to nail every single project? Think you’re going to smash out an amazing pitch every week? Believe you’re never going to have a bad meeting?

Then it’s time to open your eyes, cos it ain’t gonna happen.

You are striving for something that is unobtainable and unrealistic.  You are aiming for a target that is always going to be out if reach. You are hoping for perfection, yet perfect don’t exist.

I have expectations of high standards. I expect the best from myself and from my colleagues, but this often leads to frustration when these expectations aren’t met.

Sometimes everything falls into place and seems incredible. You make measurable progress towards your goals. You beat your deadline. You agree your first sale. You get promoted. You feel bulletproof.

Sometimes things don’t go so well.

There are a plethora of reasons why things might not go to plan. You might not have had enough sleep to facilitate proper rest for a couple of nights. You may have made different food choices that result in a dip in energy levels. Maybe your mind is preoccupied with home issues.

Welcome to real life. So you ain’t Karen Brady or the next Bill Gates after all but so what.

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It’s the attitude that matters. It’s the trying that’s more important than the final result. It’s knowing that you will mess up from time to time, but that it’s ok. You fell off the horse? OK brush your self down, take a moment, then climb back into the saddle and go again.

Next time you have a bad day in the office where you weren’t at your best don’t beat yourself up about it, berate yourself or get pissed off. You showed up, you did your job, you went home. Life moves forward. As do you.

So you came to the realisation that you’re not perfect? Don’t stress about it for more than a mili-second because no-one is.

Perfect don’t exist, and through good days and bad days, imperfections and all, you are incredible just as you are.

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