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Do you ever feel like you can’t be bothered?

Like you’d rather not show up?

That you can’t face going through the motions without being present?

Like you might just chuck it all in because it’s too much effort?

That you’re no longer convinced you’re doing the right thing and, ah well, what’s the bloody point?

You’re not alone.

It’s completely normal that at some point in your career or life or sport you will hit a wall.

Maybe through external circumstance (you get negative feedback or get ill) or internal reasons (you take a decent vacation and sit back and realise just how much time and effort you’ve been putting in and not making the progress you hoped for) you may question whether it’s time to stop. To give it all up and call it a day.


Maybe the idea of sitting at home on the couch all day watching Jeremy Kyle and eating chips is appealing for a fleeting moment, but guess what? It won’t make it better.

Getting off your arse and doing something (even the smallest thing) about the situation will.

Setting clear goals to get you from A to B will.

Sticking to a task even when it gets really flipping hard will.

Making positive steps towards personal improvement will.

You get the idea. At some point a dip in motivation is going to happen, but when it does, if you wallow in it you lose.

You can throw the towel in or you can choose to take control and take action. To use grit and determination to pull your socks up and move forward.

Sometimes life can be tough, but so can you, more that you might think. The moments where we consider giving up but carry on, these are the moments that define us.

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These are the moments when we grow. The moments when we prove to ourselves and others that we can keep going even in the face of adversity. This is when we realise and tap into our inner strength.

Ask yourself this – are you the type of person to get the hump and just pull the plug and let it all drift away then regret it, or the type to take a deep breathe, give yourself a kick up the arse, crack on and then reap the rewards?

The day when you show up even when you don’t want to, when you stubbornly refuse to let things get you down, when you get back on the horse after you just fell off – that’s the day that you win.

So how’s your motivation? Are you going to be a winner today?

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