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If you’re not doing something that serves the team…then what the f**k are you doing?

You work in an office. You sit within a department. You’re part of a team.

Therefore everything you do should fit within the “this helps the team because X” category. If it doesn’t – don’t do it. Period.

This is not going to be a long post. It’s going to be super short and super simple.

Help the cause. Or don’t.

If you choose the later then I hope you’re looking for a new job already.  If you don’t believe in the cause then walk.

When you strip away all the crap working in a large corporate environment presents it’s really fricking simple.

It comes down to “I know what the goal is and am willing to help the team work towards it” or “I’m out”.

There’s no middle ground. The middle ground is already over crowded with fence sitters, lingerers and moaners.

Life is too short for that. You deserve better.

So…are you in or are you out?

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