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How I went from OMG to WTF in just a week.

Dysfunction 47 – Acronyms (again)

In my first week of a new job I’ve been having fun counting acronyms.

I didn’t start with this intention but after only a few hours it became clear that there is a total obsession with them in the organisation. OMG I thought.

The people I work for are slags. Acronym slags. 

They love it. Can’t get enough of it.

[Tweet “Yes – I work for an acronym slag too!”]

Here’s a rough breakdown of unique acronyms I’ve heard in my ‘from OMG to WTF’ chart.

OMG_WTF chart

You’ll notice a spike mid-week. This was due to my attendance at a weekly team meeting on Wednesday (37 unique acronyms) and having to read an 110 slide deck (27 unique acronyms) on Thursday (yes I did say 110 slidezzzzz).

Lookingly wholistically across the whole week I heard or read 161 acronyms.

Hahaha. It makes me laugh every time I read it!

If we assume 8 hour days that’s an average of 4 per hour. WTF?

Hahaha. Yep still laughing.

They really are talking a different language.

I just wanted to share this crazyness with you with the intention of stopping you from even thinking of creating a new acronym at work.

Don’t. This is proof that there are clearly enough already and for the reasons outlined in my first ever post, the less we come across in our lives the better.

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