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Guest Post: Content Shmontent!

Thank you and well done to Jessamine Marie Glister, who wrote her first article on LinkedIn this week after reading the 10 reasons why writing a blog post on LinkedIn in 2017 is a no brainer.

I promised to repost any articles here, so here it is.


If you don’t know what you are talking about, make it up!

Content based on fact isn’t always necessary, here’s why.

Just last weekend I was walking through a National Trust garden, (other places of historical interest are available). The trees were beaming with Autumn glow, as surrounding squirrels raced up and down trees, only stopping to gather nuts.

It was a delight to see children out in the fresh air, collecting sticks, identifying beetles, chasing said squirrels, and racing to a nearby cart for hot chocolate topped with pink and white marshmallows. For a moment I was 6 again, the world at my feet, everything to learn, and with limited cares.

Just a few feet ahead of me, a Mother walked hand-in-hand with her young son. Beautiful blonde curls met his shoulders, and with every step, his red booted feet met the fallen leaves with a kick, quickly followed by an infectious giggle of pure joy, more quickly followed by mine.

The youngling turned to his Mother and asked, ‘What are dovecots for’? Mum was quick to answer and responded, ‘dovecots are where pigeons sleep at night’. She ruffled his curls with fondness and affection as they exchanged a smile, his attention now back to the leafy rivers of gold beneath him.

Now, you and I both know that dovecots don’t house pigeons. It’s like this though, ‘Mothers’ goal was not to ensure that she provided content that was 100% accurate, (although I am fairly sure that she thought she had) Mothers goal, albeit subconscious, was to provide time, love, and attention to her son. So, there is always an exception to the rule where good quality fact-based content is concerned. You don’t always need it, it’s not always the be all and end all. This Mother certainly achieved her goal!

Let’s raise a mallow topped hot chocolatey mug to parents, guardians, and carers out there, that give their children the time, attention, and love they deserve!

As for business owners, (you didn’t think I would miss a business promoting opportunity, did you?) inaccurate content, or poorly researched facts can harm your reputation, shattering confidence in your brand. Connect-Norfolk can support your content writing needs.

Jessamine Marie


‘Where words do the talking’

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