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Dysfunction 46: Not appreciating what you’ve got (until it’s gone)

I’m sorry I neglected you.

That’s what I would say if I ever see you again.

Damn I miss you.

I miss you already and I’ve only been gone a week.

Working on the first floor in a crowded city and having a window seat didn’t seem like a big deal.

Being all of 10 foot from the building next door, and looking across into another corporate space full of zombies I took you for granted.

I never asked you to be – but you were there for me everyday.

You were my weatherman. ( er – is that sexist? Hmm better safe than sorry…)

You were my weatherperson. ( er – is that humanist? Let’s try again)

You were my weather thingy. Before I left the office I would always give you a cursory glance to check if you were wet, dry or flapping around like a 40 year old at an 80’s disco night and you would guide my choices. Umbrella or not? Coat or not? Running tights or shorts?

During conference calls you helped me focus. You took my gaze away from my PC screen or my phone.

During difficult days you reminded me that there is a real world outside those 4 walls of craziness.

During lunch at my desk you kept me company.

I never even said thanks.

I never nourished you with water or food the way you nourished my soul over the last 6 months.

And now I’ve gone. Switched jobs and left. No goodbye. No thank you. No hugs.

Well here it is. My thanks. My gratitude. My heart.

Damn I miss you, tree.

Huh? A tree?

When I look to my left now and see a 20 stone man using a paperclip to pick his ear wax then eat it, I now realise the importance of appreciating the little things in our environments and in life that help us along our way.

Yes – I miss you tree and I’m sorry I neglected you.

city tree
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