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Dysfunction 31 – Lack of inspiration

I occasionally notice people at work trudging around in their own little bubble and seeming generally frustrated and down beat.

I hate it. I know when I feel like this that it’s shit.

During these moments it’s hard to get motivated to pull ourselves back up, so where to look for inspiration?

We all like stories that lift our mood.

Stories we read in the news about soldiers who despite being shot at went out of their way to rescue a comrade.

People who pulled together in a village in Kent to rescue a horse stuck neck deep in mud.

Watching the Pride of Britain awards on TV.

All very inspirational, but these events are rare.

They are distant and we often have limited or no personal connection with them.

Because of this they have a short term impact on us. Finding something to inspire us on an ongoing basis would be better. And it’s not as hard as you may think.

If you slow down and look closely at those around you there is so much to be inspired by that is right in front of you.

It doesn’t need to be something in the public domain that you see on TV or in the paper.

Here’s some people that inspire me.

Outside of work:

  1. A friend who has been unable to work for over 10 years due to suffering with severe anxiety who recently gained enough confidence to get out of the house and start a college course and work experience 3 mornings a week

  2. A relative who moved to the other side of the world, on her own, to follow her dream of working in marine conservation

  3. A grandfather who put his family first, for the sake of his own career and earnings potential

  4. A stranger who rescued a butterfly on the train.

  5. A coach at CrossFit who is always so patient and encouraging

It can also be from work.

  1.  The QA who always asked the obvious questions in a meeting

  2. A colleague who overcame their fear and shared that they are having mild panic attacks, and asked for help

  3. A developer who quit a well paid job to take a risk and start their own business

  4. A developer who quit a well paid job because they did not agree with the approach the client was taking, even though they had no other job lined up to go to

  5. The boss who managed to remain calm and articulate in every situation

  6. The content manager in the other department who always has time for people and welcomes invitations for help

  7. The colleague who comes in EVERY damn day with a smile and a positive attitude

  8. The project manager who always made time to go to the gym, and actively encouraged their team to do the same

  9. The business analyst who brings humour to the office, and easily spots opportunities to crack a joke and make people smile

Whilst life changing events are often inspiring, the little things can also make just as big an impact.

Thinking about these people and their actions big or small lifts my mood and make me feel better. Makes me want to be better. Reminds me that I can do better.

So next time you need a lift and some inspiration, have a good look to those around you.

Also think about this – is it inspiration that leads to you taking action or taking action that leads you to feeling inspired?

And a final thought – through your actions – who might you inspire?


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