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Decide what you want in 2016, and grab it by the balls

Right. 2016. Let’s do this.

It’s the middle of Jan, the new year celebrations and lethargy are over, you’re getting back into the routine, you’ve had time to think about it, so it’s time to decide what you want in 2016, and grab it by the balls…

You can carry on plodding along, or you can stand up and make a difference.

You can do nothing, or do something.

You can go with the majority, or you can challenge the status quo.

You can swallow your pride, or you can stand by your values.

You can tell someone when they are being a dick, or pretend everything is fine.

You can inspire others, or blend into the background.

You can do generic nonsense, or do something you are proud of.

You can talk to people in jargon and buzz words, or in plain and real English.

You can turn up to meetings on time, or be late just cos thats what everyone else does.

You can wait for someone else to organise a team lunch, or you can take the initiative and do it yourself.

You can be an ass, or be a decent human being.

You can expect everything to fall in your lap and be made easy for you, or you can pull your finger out your ass and graft for what you want.

You can wait for change to impact you, or you can Be. The. Change.

You can look to colleagues to lead the way, or you can show others what good looks like.

You can choose to say no, or yes to whatever comes your way.

You can wait for your diary to fill up with meetings other people want, or you can schedule your own time to focus on what’s important to you.

You can be the listener, or be the talker.

You can take the easy path, or accept the challenge.

You can be whatever the hell you want to.

You can become whomever the fuck you want to be.

You can become the person you look up to.

You can be someone you are proud of.

You can be awesome.

You decide.

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