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Can we be more creative with our job specs?

Does your heart sink when you’re sent a boring, vanilla job spec full of the same old, same old?

You know – those yawn inducing corporate role profiles that don’t portray any company or individuals personality. Full of too many words, jargon, and mumbo-jumbo speak.

I am. I think we can do better.

Maybe you’ve struggled with this yourself in trying to write one, and reword or update a whole bunch of existing information but in a fairly standard (expected) way. I’m guilty of colluding in this too. But it seems that quite a few companies are willing to challenge the status quo and are already starting to be MUCH more creative.

This got the creative juices flowing and after a brief survey of some peers and the wider community, have been playing with the idea for scrum masters, product owners and coaches.

The images I came up with are below. Please feel free to use them, rip them off and create your own if you like the idea. It’s fun to play around with different ways to challenge the status quo and to modernise the way we go about our business, especially when it comes to hiring new people. But the only rule is – if you create something – share it!

Don’t over think it, these are designed to generate interest, stimulate a conversation, and encourage a creative playful side to how we interact with each other. This could also be a cool retrospective activity to co-create something as a team, or draw each other spirit animals and label them!


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