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8 tiny things that will make a massive impression on your boss

It’s important to have a good relationship with your boss. They employ you, they keep you employed, they have input into your salary / package, and they decide who gets promoted.

Even if you don’t particularly like them it’s critical to at least try to earn some mutual respect.

In that vain, here are 8 things to add to your armoury. 8 tiny things that make a massive impression.

1. Smile

Does anyone enjoy being around a sulky, sour-faced, eye-rolling, tutting, miserable person? Enough said.

2. Make eye contact This shows confidence as well as presence. If you are looking at something or someone else when your boss is talking to you, they will think you are not listening.

3. Listen Take mental and physical notes of what your boss shows interest in, sees as priorities, gets frustrated with.

4. Get shit done Bosses like people who do what they are asked and do what say they are going to do. Bottom line is doing your job. There’s nothing worse than having to chase someone up just to do their work.

5. Prioritise Make sure the stuff you get done is the right stuff, in the right order. Even if you are doing a lot, if it’s not in line with the bosses and / or team goals, it will actually go against you.

6. Offer help Going to the same meeting? Offer to print them a copy of the documents. Are they presenting? Offer to listen to a practise run through of the slides. Did they take an action you can help with? Tell them.

7. Give them compliments Everyone likes being flattered. What is your boss good at? Tell them. Are they looking sharp today? Tell them.

8. Don’t be a doormat It’s OK to say no sometimes. In fact it’s actually really important not to agree with everything. They’ll soon stop asking for your opinion if you don’t have one of your own.

Here’s a challenge – can you do all 8 today?

Managing others / running a business / leading a team are all hard work and come with a set of additional pressures and responsibilities. Some people thrive at it, others end up in their role more by chance than anything else and cock it up regularly. We are only human after all. But ultimately anything you can do to reduce your bosses workload, improve the working environment or enhance the team culture and performance will make them love and cherish you. (Even if they are really, really good at hiding it)

Oh and there is an alternative – Be your own boss. Then you can do whatever you flipping like!

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