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54 ways to stay happy and healthy over the Christmas period

This is a re-post from Garage gym planner website, who kindly let me share it. It felt like a perfect post for this time of year, with people taking a break from work, having a slight digital detox and spending more time that normal with friends and relatives. Enjoy…

The 54 Little Ways…

1. Adequate Hydration – Down a glass of water first thing in the morning. The majority of us don’t get enough fluids throughout the day and we end up depleting our energy pool. No sodas, they have diuretic effects which are the opposite of what you’re looking for. Opt for a cool clean cup of water.

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2. Fitness Can Help – If you don’t have time to get to the gym over christmas, it’s no excuse to skimp off. There are plenty of body weight workouts you can do at home.

Fitness can improve your happiness levels and keep you on the tips of your toes.

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3. Walk a Bit – When you’re going out, park a bit further away so you can get a good 10 minute walk in. This can help offset the long hours you’re likely to spend sitting down over the next couple of weeks.

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4. Don’t Blend Everything – Occasionally, find the time to munch on raw fruit or vegetables. Its common knowledge that fibers are destroyed when you make smoothies of fresh fruits or veggies. Salad, berries, carrot sticks, nuts, cucumber can give you the fiber which can help weight loss while keeping you happy and healthy.

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5. Talk to Loved Ones –  Today, there are a multitude ways to keep in touch but we barely bother to. Don’t forget to reach out to members of your family that you value. Even those who are not in the same physical location.

6. Don’t Sit Too Long – Get up and stretch, a little bit every hour can work wonders. Most of us have to slog it out at a desk at our workplaces. But rather than just resign to the fact that you’re going to be sitting a lot over christmas, get into the habit of staying on your feet. You’ll feel great at the end of the day, guaranteed.

7. Protein – Carry your own protein. Protein is digested slowest in the body, so I carry around a small bag of nuts when I know I might need to have a late lunch. This is so that I don’t overeat and feel bloated and lethargic throughout the day. Also, protein works great for your metabolism.

8. Have a Bike? – Don’t use it much? Keep it somewhere where you can see it. You don’t have to use it daily, but you notice it every day, you’ll eventually just hop on it. A bike is a great accessory for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

9. Stay Away From Negativity. This automatically gives you relief from negative vibes others put out. Our life is merely a reflection of our own dominant thoughts and emotions, so do all you can to keep yours positive!

10. Phone on Silent – Turn off all notifications or leave your phone in a different room for at least an hour or two.

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11. Be Considerate – When you deal with tricky family members, be empathetic. For their sake as well as yours. People are known to respond to this in kind. This shows them that you respect them and acknowledge their presence.

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12. Optimism Is The Key – Optimistic people are a joy to be around and it’s because they see the best in everything. Learn to cultivate this happy and healthy habit and you’ll feel liberated and people will look up to you during tough times.

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13. Pause Before Response – When you are invited for an event or a gathering, take your time with it and respond with something like “Is it okay if I let you know later?” This takes the pressure off you for the moment and let you decide later if you really want to go.

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14. Keep Your Mind Busy – Your mind is your most powerful tool and you need to keep it stimulated. Learning new things everyday can add more perspective to your life as well as keep you from getting bored. Take up a guitar course, gardening or cookery classes. Always remember, it’s never too late to learn!

15. Crack a Smile – Smile when you’re amongst people. A smile is the most inexpensive and effortless method there is now to make you look appealing to other people. Plus a reciprocative smile tends to lighten up spirit and make you happy. Go ahead,

16. Listen More Than You Talk – Most people tend to forget that people have a lot of things they want said. So take the first step and opt to listen. This will help you make sense of what the other person is actually trying to tell you rather than you assuming what they meant.

17. Remain Polite – Regardless of the adversity, politeness can get you places where you never thought possible. Being polite may be lost on a lot of people right about now, but it can create a setting where people also acknowledge it and respond as well.

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18. Encourage People – Find time to encourage people around you. Always save the best words of inspiration for people who you think need it the most. Life is pretty hard sometimes and you might actually be the person that made a difference in someone else’s day.

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19. Be Honest – Honesty truly is the best policy. When people see you’re being honest, they will learn to appreciate you for your courage and upstanding nature. Being honest is never easy but totally worth it at the end of a day. Being honest is a happy and healthy lifestyle choice.

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20. Find Time To Laugh – If you have an open mind and are free-spirited, you will find humor everywhere. The thing with happy laughter is that it is positive and infectious; you usually will find people want to hang around people who can take a joke.

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21. Be Tactful – If anything is worth doing, then do it tactfully. Being tactful gives you the upper hand in a lot of situations, personally and professionally. While being honest is a virtue, being diplomatic is a necessity if you don’t want them to abhor you.

22. Generosity is a Virtue – This is the secret to a lot of people’s happy and healthy attitude to life. When it comes to compliments and kind words, always take the initiative to give first. It can mean the difference between a mundane or memorable day at the office. Also, their response to you will definitely brighten your mood!

23. Stay Aware – Be mindful of people and your surroundings. Most problems at work are created by people not being aware of the settings and situations that surround them. Always have a clear idea about what you are going to speak in a sensitive atmosphere.

24. Mistakes, Don’t Repeat Them – Mistakes are not the end of the world. Everyone makes mistakes. The key is to learn from them and not commit the same error twice. Likewise, you need to look past people who have erred and talk to them and reinforce their confidence. All parties involved will feel happy!

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25. Have Goals – Both big and small. If you want focus in life, you need to establish reasonable objectives, ones that you can strive towards. Always have a short and long term points of achievements which can inspire you to put in the extra 10% happily.

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26. No to Comparing – Comparison is the death of joy… so stop doing that! People lead different lives with no one spared from complications. So don’t wish to be them, wish to be the best that you can be. You are something the whole universe conspired to create, so enjoy being you!

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27. Think Out Of The Box – When life gives you options that can exercise your creativity, make sure you grab it with both hands. Being creative will reinforce your self-image and people are definitely going to take note of it as well. Creativity is a sign of a happy and healthy individual.

28. Don’t be Judgmental – Being judgmental is a waste of effort. Most times we tend to make the mistake of thinking that we know the other person a lot more than we really do. Circumstances determine how a person reacts to something, so make sure you give them the benefit of the doubt.

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29. Don’t Blow Up Over Trivial Issues – Overthinking trivial problems usually can take a lot of you mentally and physically. Take a deep breath or several and tell yourself that it isn’t worth worrying about. Because worrying is about useful as bubblegum during a space shuttle launch.