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10 qualities that will make you a freaking fantastic colleague in 2015

When I think of some colleagues (both previous and current) I smile.

Not all, but the one’s I’m still in touch with a few years later. The ones that when we meet up it feels like old times. The ones that when I see them in the morning they make me smile. The best ones.


The best colleagues:

  1. Are honest. They tell it like it is and I know where I stand.

  2. Tell jokes. Who doesn’t like smiling?

  3. Get shit done. No faffing around. Action.

  4. Get the teas in (or coffee’s). What a great feeling it is when someone brings you a cuppa when you weren’t expecting it.

  5. Pay attention and listen. You ask a question, they stop what they are doing and look at you and answer the question.

  6. Are good at their job. This inherently builds respect and trust.

  7. Don’t take themselves or the job too seriously. They not only understand about work / life balance but actively seek it.

  8. Eat, drink and be merry. They would organize regular team lunches and after work drinks.

  9. Demonstrate integrity. They knew what they believed in and stood by those principles. If that meant standing up to a senior stakeholder, or even moving on to another company, so be it.

  10. Hug each other. Yep touching someone in the office can be appropriate, and a very caring and bonding act too.

To my favorite former colleagues I miss you and only hope that we work together again at some point in the future.

To my favorite current colleagues I hope I can have the same positive impact on someone else that you have on me.

In 2015 you still have 246 working days to be a freaking fantastic colleague by bringing the qualities of love, fun, hard work, energy and tea to others around you. Make it a great year!

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