Facilitator Lab

Created with Tobias Mayer.

Designed so that facilitators and participants can become more confident and skilled in their ability to facilitate groups, while building up their toolbox of new ideas from others with which to experiment further.

Get an earful!

Created with Mat Hayes.

In each short online session we create a shared musical experience and get curious about what happens.

There are currently two recurring events I co-host.

Any scheduled ad-hoc / one-off events will be featured further down the page

Innovation through collaboration

Created with The Hustle House

Do you struggle to innovate and are curious about the power of collaboration? This unique, playful, punchy event might just be for you!

Friday April 16th 10am

PXOCUlture Meetup:

Better feedback


Created with Chris Caswell and Adelaida Manescu

Feedback is broken. We're on a mission to discover the keys that unlock feedback rich cultures, for you and your organisations.

Tuesday May 11th 9:30am

Tickets coming soon